Panorama global trade SDN BHD is global  distributer (supplier) of rubber products specializing in Malaysian natural rubber, headquarter in Malaysia, Panorama Global Trade is a registered member of  Malaysia rubber associations (LGM), with approved license to buy, sell and export Standard Malaysian Rubber (SMR). We have strong connection with natural rubber manufacturers in Malaysia. Consumers can look at Malaysia as a source of quality raw rubber of SMR (Standard Malaysian Rubber) . Our company established at 2011, as one of the key roles in Malaysian natural rubber trading. Providing complete solutions to our clients, needs including, sourcing, shipping and technical support. We also have export license from Malaysian government. In rubber Malaysia we will provide quality Carbon black  for customers with global standards and competitive price. 

In addition to the special attention focused on the selection of raw rubber material, the rubber manufacturing process is also intensively scrutinized to ensure that the final rubber produce not only meet with the stringent quality specification requirements of the Standard Malaysian Rubber (SMR) but also to ensure that the produce are of consistent quality throughout with Panorama personnel having many years of experience in the handling of rubber produce and in particular, having sound technical knowledge of the properties of natural rubber, Customers of Panorama Global Trade Sdn Bhd would not only be assured of consistency quality, but also reliability in the supply of this produce as well as of 2017, Malaysian rubber is the fifth largest producer and exporter of natural rubber in the world. Malaysia is also the leader in the production and export of rubber products such as rubber gloves, pneumatic tires, inner tubes, catheters, condoms, footwear, rubber bands and rubber sheets. and also Malaysian Synthetic rubber products (Styrene butadiene rubber , polybutadiene rubber ), Carbon black which we get from our source in Turkey (Istanbul) .  

Our company play a key role in the development of the industry by maintaining and increasing the production capacity through relying on young skilled human resources modern management systems and high efficiency advanced technologies to meet beneficiary expectations and achieve maximum profitability by supplying its products to domestic and leading export targets markets. Panorama Global Trade SDN BHD  provide Standard Malaysian rubber (SMR20) from all major manufactories in Malaysia such as MRC, FGV and all companies that produce quality Standard Malaysian rubber 20 (SMR20) . Panorama Global Trad Sdn Bhd provide rubber process oil with tough sources with competitive price and safe shipping with dedicated agents in 90 countries and counting. We are committed to expanding our market reach without compromising on customer service. Standard Malaysian Rubber  (SMR) are produced from stringently selected Malaysian raw rubber materials sourced only from selected rubber plantation. We are leading Malaysian company in Malaysian Rubber process oil and Malaysian Synthetic rubber products such as Malaysian Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR) , Malaysian Polybutadiene rubber (PBR) Considering with all grades. Our Turkish Carbon black , Malaysian Styrene butadiene Rubber (SBR) , Malaysian Polybutadiene Rubber (PBR) will be provided from middle east (Turkey) source but we stock in Malaysia . we will provide all necessary documents with our faithful clients. 

We can supply best smelly Standard Malaysian Rubber (from best sources in All over Malaysia Panorama Global Trade is agent of LGM for Trading Malaysian natural rubber (Malaysian Rubber)  with license W/01/16896 ) which is unique from Malaysia as people know Malaysia has best quality  regarding to specification . We also provide Malaysian Synthetic rubber and Malaysian rubber process oil  from best source we got from our trustworthy connections entire world, Same quality and  Cheaper than KUMHU. Our Malaysian natural rubber is from Malaysia  (Malaysian rubber ) , and rest of our products is from middles (Turkey) we would love to work widely and globally kindly take your time and visit our specifications about each products. 

From tires to toys and boots to rubber bands, Malaysian rubber (SMR20)  is an inescapable part of our everyday life. But you might be surprised at the squeeze its production is putting on tropical forests, especially as the number of vehicles in the world continues to rise. Malaysian Rubber trees require a hot, damp climate, and more than 90% of the world’s natural rubber supply comes from mainland Southeast Asia. Supply of rubber is much higher than demand right now, which gives buyers the upper hand—including tire companies that want to reduce the footprint of their industry on the environment. Panorama Global Trade Sdn Bhd have rubber license (W/01/16896) from Malaysian government.


Current Month: JuneSen/KgUS Cent/Kg
SMR CV846.00186.70
SMR L836.00184.50
SMR 5616.50136.05
SMR GP613.50135.40
SMR 10606.50133.85
SMR 20604.50133.40
Tone of Market : Quietly Steady

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