Will Technology  aid environment to improve efficiency?

Will Technology aid environment to improve efficiency?

Technology will aid environment to improve efficiency

Malaysia has developed  a technology based on which is possible to analyze and diagnose the disease in images of para trees to  produce more standard Malaysian  rubber. This is image of improvement of machinery to gain more enlightenment in development.

How technology works

The development of this technology shows the high sensitivity of raw materials for reputable tire companies worldwide. The company is working to help reduce the risks of diseases encountered in standard Malaysian rubber farming and has developed a technology based on images published by artificial intelligence.

Analyzing rubber

The initiative analyzes the foliage of these trees (based on a joint project launched with the Dentso International Service (iSiD) using aerial imagery and announces the final result. Aerial photography is also performed by drones and remote control or drones. Though experiments used in this technology . This knowledge can distinguish somewhat between healthy trees with white root disease (WRD). 90% accuracy of this method makes it possible to diagnose and treat diseased trees .

In early stage

In the early stages, it can be treated before the disease affects the function of the tire; As a result, it helps to improve productivity in rubber (standard Malaysian rubber ) farms. The raw material of rubber from para trees is of special importance in the tire making process, and WRD is a disease that affects the roots of this type of tree. Of course, it is difficult to diagnose and if left untreated, it can cause tree rot.

More precisely

At present, there is no exact system or device for diagnosing this disease, and combating it requires the use of previous diagnostic methods, which requires invoking the tacit knowledge of field specialists. In this way, Bridgestone uses aerial imaging to judge the condition of its trees so that it can determine the extent to which trees are affected by the disease by examining the color and growth of the leaves. Suspected tree roots are sampled and treated after final diagnosis. 

Within this technology

in our vision while maintaining high costs for tree development, it also maintains its standard Malaysian rubber supply resources. According to the company (Panorama global trading ), the world population is projected to reach 9.6 billion by 2050, while the number of vehicles owned by people will reach 2.4 billion. Accordingly, the materials required for tire production are expected to increase.


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