What are special products of Malaysia ?

What are special products of Malaysia ?

Natural rubber

Standard Malaysia rubber is a revolutionary change in the grading and presentation of natural rubber in the struggle with synthetic rubber. Hence the SMR scheme has a crucial role to play in the process of securing the status quo which natural rubber had been enjoying before the establishment of the synthetic industry

Rubber is a natural material that comes in a variety of colors, textures, and sizes. It is an important ingredient in many products. Standard Malaysian 10 is the best rubber in Malaysia available today. It is used in all the best Malaysian players today

This is another viscosity-controlled natural rubber (66 +/- 6 mooney viscosity) that is extremely price competitive with specifications similar to SMR 10. Thus, using the SMR GP eliminates the price advantage of SMR 10 over SMR CV60

This is a very clean, light-colored rubber. To prevent enzyme darkening of the rubber, 0.05% of sodium metabisulfate is added at the latex stage. SMR L’s primary use is in colored compounds, especially light or bright colors

Synthetic rubber

Styrene butadiene rubber (SBR), also known as butadiene rubber, butyl rubber, or butyl rubber is a synthetic rubber which is used in the manufacture of tires. It is also used as a synthetic rubbers for phonograph records, artificial leather, and waterproofing products

Polybutadiene, also known as polybutadiene rubber, is a synthetic polymer that is a trade name for polyisoprene. It is a linear polyisoprene polymer that is produced by polymerizing butadiene. Polybutadiene rubber is used in a variety of products

Rubber process oil

DAE Aromatic Rubber oil (distillate aromatic extract, abbreviated as DAE) distillate aromatic extracts have very high aromatic contents. Distillate aromatic extracts are obtained as a by-product of the process of solvent extraction of vacuum distillates used as a raw material in the manufacture of p m lubricant base oils. DAE grades are DAE 10, DAE 11, DAE 20, DAE 40, DAE 50, DAE 60 .

Treated distillate aromatic extracts (TDAE) is a rubber processing oil with high aromatic content. It is used rubber softening additive in the process of vulcanization of rubber. Its high viscosity-gravity constant has made it highly preferable in the tire manufacturing applications, thereby, reducing heat buildup. Due to this characteristic of treated distillate aromatic extracts, it is possible to produce large rubber based intermediate products

Carbon black is used as an additive to petroleum fuel or in certain metal alloys. Its uses include lubricants, plastics, pigments and rubber compounds.


Phosphate fertilizer is a fertilizer containing a high proportion of phosphate. It is used to supply phosphorus to plants and is also used as a fungicide. Phosphorus, the third most abundant element in the Earth’s crust, is an essential plant nutrient.

Urea is an organic nitrogen compound. Urea is a soluble product of protein metabolism. It is a neutral, colorless, odorless, and practically tasteless solid when pure, and is sparingly soluble in water and alcohol. Urea is sometimes referred to as carbamide.


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