Beliefs and Trading

Beliefs and Trading

Malaysian faith over Trading

Panorama Global Trade Sdn Bhd  always keep forward to improve our trading to differentiate it from our competitors , meanwhile this is our key point since we are flexible. Starting and running into successful business can be difficult and profitable at the same time success requires focus discipline and consistency Asean countries in head of them Malaysia is industrialized in field of chemistry and still improving in manufacturing quality chemicals and cooperating with other nations and with great economic diplomacy that our country have with other nations is trustworthy in trading. Key of success is having courage in improving. our natural resources which is gift from God for us is worthy in our success. Our goals are to grant our chemical productions with contemporary and universal standards. 

On the other hand, marketing mix factors are the main essence of marketing activities Various, factors affect trust, brand equity as well as marketing mix factors, among which are the religious beliefs of customers ,The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of customers’ religious beliefs on the brand value of Panorama global trading chemical industry. This research is a survey research in terms of practical purpose and method. Brands are the main asset among most companies According to evidences The independent variable of religious beliefs has a positive and significant effect on the variable dependent on the value of the company brand (which causes confidence in the variables of confidence, brand equity and marketing mix). 

Key role in our trading

Panorama Global Trade Sdn Bhd play a key role in the development of the industry by maintaining and increasing the production capacity through relying on young skilled human resources modern management systems and high efficiency advanced technologies to meet beneficiary expectations and achieve maximum profitability by supplying its products to domestic and leading export targets markets. Today, many organizations believe that the brand is one of their most valuable assets. One of the most important features of a brand is reliability and brand equity.


And are considered as important communication tools in customer relationship management; Because creating successful brands creates a competitive advantage for organizations And in the long run, it leads to customer trust and loyalty To determine the impact of customers’ religious beliefs on the brand value of the different industries , which consists of a combination of factors of trust, brand equity and marketing mix; Not much research has been done and also there is no attempt to show the relationship between important factors affecting the company’s values in a single order, which indicates a significant gap in existing knowledge .


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