The most important parts of the shoe

The most important parts of the shoe

The sole of the shoe is one of the most important parts of the shoe; Because it wears out the most during daily and sports activities. The rubber sole is so strong that it is used in the process of making car tires. As information one of the reasons for the long life of original ketones is because of the sole . The sole of the shoe is one of the most important parts of the shoe, and it is one of the most neglected parts of the shoe. Many people do not take the time to care for this part of the shoe, and it shows. A sole that can stand up to lots of wear and tear without breaking down is one of the most important parts of a shoe. The sole is essential for helping to determine how well a shoe performs.

What material is the rubber sole of the shoe made of?

Among all the components of the shoe, the “sole” is the outermost part of the shoe that has the most contact with the ground. The rubber sole in original shoes is made of materials such as natural rubber, leather and polyurethane. The use of each of these materials is different according to the application and style of the desired shoe, but the common goal of all linen manufacturers is the high durability and durability of walking sports shoes over time. The only substance that can destroy the rubber soles of your shoes is ozone. Ozone molecules are quite unstable and tend to lose an oxygen atom. Therefore, the structure of ozone changes and turns into dioxygen. This oxygen atom is absorbed by the molecules that make up the rubber and destroys the molecular structure of the rubber. Fortunately, this is very rare because most of the ozone is in the atmosphere. Another thing that causes the destruction of the rubber structure is the exposure of the sole to fuels and various oils. The durability of this type of sole is very high, so if you take good care of these sports shoes, you can use them for years.


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