What are the procedures for Shipping SMR20

What are the procedures for Shipping SMR20

Malaysia is internationally known as a major shipping hub. It is the world’s 11th largest shipping nation. The main port of the nation is Port Klang, the nation’s most important port. Malaysia is one of the leading exporters of natural rubber in the world. Natural rubber is a natural product found in the sap of the rubber tree. In Panorama Global Trade Sdn Bhd our main focus is in timing in shipping process our customers known us as time Smooth executor. Our shipping team is experienced more than 14 years located in Port Klang  with really good coordination with suppliers, Banks, Shipping companies , Customers, to insure that shipping are done on time and documents are proceeded smoothly and efficiently. With really good  reputation as Rubber and chemical supplier, Supplier chain managing in Global  “track and record” trading  made us this credibility and trustworthy to make our clients to have long term contract. We take this really seriously because its affects our credibility. On this big missions and goals that our company have and alots of projects that we did in decades allows us to establish very good and wide relationship with our partners in turkey and Malaysia and also carriers and forwarders, we also guarantee that we always get best service and rates from them.      

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