Polybutadiene golf balls

Polybutadiene golf balls

Golf is one of the most popular outdoor games in Scotland and is played individually or as a team. In this sport, the player must be physically and mentally fit. In golf, the athlete uses a stick to send the ball quickly into a small pit.  First Golf pitch established in 1893, The Royal Selangor Golf Club (RSGC) is the founding ground of golf in Malaysia and the premier Malaysia golf club. 


127 to 141 grams


Diameter 26 cm




Plastic or composite leather

A golf ball is about half the size of a baseball or tennis ball. It was originally made of heavy leather, but today it is made by wrapping a rubber band around the core. Most golf balls are made of polybutadiene, which has a rubbery state, so it is very strong and durable and does not break at all, also to increase the flexibility of other chemicals such as zinc acrylate and benzoyl peroxide. Polybutadiene was added, which also increased its lifespan. The hollows of the golf ball cause the airflow to become turbulent and increase its speed and travel longer distances. Dunlop introduced the Maxley Golf Ball in 1922.


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