Effects  fertilizers on human health

Effects fertilizers on human health

Leakage of chemical compounds in fertilizers into soil and water is a potential factor to introduce these compounds into the human food pyramid. Entering chemical compounds such as nitrogen derivatives into the human body can cause disease in humans. Some believe that one of the reasons for the high rate of cancer in the northern parts of the country is the excessive use of urea fertilizers.

Chemical fertilizer can be used for which plants

For proper growth, all plants need elements that they receive through the soil. If one or more important elements are lacking, chemical fertilizers can be used.

Which fertilizers are called black fertilizers?

Phosphate fertilizers, which generally have a dark color, are called black fertilizers. Super triple phosphate and simple super phosphate are among these fertilizers.

What is white chemical fertilizer?

Fertilizers that contain nitrogen and are generally white in color are called white fertilizers. Of this type, we can refer to urea and ammonium nitrate.


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