Facts about SMR

Facts about SMR

Rubber Malaysia

Natural rubber is produced organically and directly from plants and is known as a type of chemical polymer. This substance is one of the most important polymers in history that human society has achieved. Natural rubbers can be called an essential raw material for the production of nearly 50,000 different products. The applications of this material can be followed in the production of medical devices, airplane and car equipment, clothes, toys and even pacifiers. Some plants containing rubber have sap in the latex ducts of the plant, which is actually made inside the cells of the rubber producing plant. About 20 thousand different types of plants produce latex. Natural rubber in plants is very important to cover the damaged surface of plants and heal the wounds of plants. The reason for that can also be related to preventing harmful bacteria and viruses from entering the plants. With the advancement of technology, many industrial factories have started producing all kinds of synthetic rubbers, which are sometimes very deceptive and similar to natural rubber in terms of features and characteristics. But until now, no one has been able to produce synthetic rubber that has all the properties of natural rubber. Synthetic rubbers cannot replace high-quality natural rubbers in many applications. That is why natural rubbers are still of great importance to human society

Foundation of Standard Malaysian Rubber

In 2014, Malaysia was named the sixth largest producer of natural rubber in the world, after Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, China and India. But in the last few years, with significant progress, it was able to claim the title of the third largest producer and exporter of natural rubber in the world. Currently, this country has been able to have a large share in the production and export of pure natural rubber. In 1877, Henry Nicholas Ridley was able to expand the rubber industry in this country by discovering more than 11 rubber trees in Malaysia. The supply of raw rubber from Malaysia almost solved the world community’s need for natural rubber resources to a large extent. The SMR production plan was presented to this country in 1965, which was able to create a revolution in the field of raw rubber production in this country. According to this scheme, rubber was graded based on the technical specifications and contents of the product instead of the visual grading system used for rubber sheets and other rubber products. This plan was able to spread the raw rubber in this country at an incredible speed. Many industrial producers look to this country as a source of quality raw rubber in various grades. With the availability of quality raw materials and good infrastructure and increasing development, this country is one of the best raw rubber producers in the world, Malaysia continues to supply a wide range of rubber products to the global market.

How to produce Malaysian rubber

Natural and organic SMR rubber is harvested on dry days. Because rain prevents the process of using this product. Although the main home of Hiva brasiliensis is in the Amazon, the warm and humid climate of Malaysia has provided a suitable environment for the growth of this plant. SMR rubber tree is a big tree that can grow up to 15-20 meters. Therefore, the distance between the planting of these trees is between 3-5 meters and about 250-350 plants are planted per hectare. It takes three years for this tree to reach the stage of sap. Then, the experienced workforce takes action in harvesting and collecting the rubber of this tree.

Standard Malaysian Rubber feature

The most important characteristic of SMR natural rubber can be found in its high elasticity. So that this material, even against high elastic force, undergoes an increase in length and returns to its original state. Due to its high resistance to cold and heat and flexibility even at low temperatures, this material is the primary material of many rubber and manufacturing industries in the world. Due to its long life and slow wear, this product is widely used, especially in the manufacture of car tires and aircraft equipment. Other uses of SMR natural rubber include the production of medical gloves, therapeutic cutters, latex threads, shock absorbers and waterproof equipment. Despite its reliable and excellent quality, this natural rubber has become a benchmark in the international market and has attracted a wide range of other rubber products.

Buy and sell SMR (Rubber Malaysia )

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