Is natural rubber resistance to oil ?

Is natural rubber resistance to oil ?

Some tips for natural rubber

Natural rubber has properties of plasticity or viscosity, elasticity, tensile strength, and. But that is not polar nature and content of the high unsaturated bond in the molecule, natural rubber is not resistant to oxidation, ozonation, heat and expand in the oil. Some of the material’s key characteristics are high tear and tensile strength, resilience, and resistance to abrasion, friction, extreme temperatures, and water swell. Typical uses include adhesives, flooring and roofing, gloves, insulation, and tires. Nitrile have oil resistance, low temperature , flexibility, wear resistance and better flexibility than natural rubber. It also has lower gas permeability. Natural rubber have oil resistance and lower flexibility than nitrile. But it has better physical strength

Ozone, chemical and electrical resistance

Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM), neoprene/polychloroprene and some other synthetic rubbers have excellent heat resistance, oil and oil resistance, ozone and weather resistance, polar flow resistance, and also have better aging and chemical resistance. In addition, their physical properties and low temperature resistance are also good. It also has low flammability and gas permeability. EPDM can be combined with other compounds to achieve excellent electrical resistance. Natural rubber has low ozone, polar and chemical resistance. Swollen and weakened by hydrocarbon oils and weakened by oxygen and ozone as it ages.

Electrical properties

Ozone tires have excellent electrical properties and great resistance to weather and ozone attack. Their physical properties are maintained at high temperatures. They are more expensive than other tires.
• Natural rubbers have weak electrical properties and low resistance to weather and ozone attack. They have better physical properties.
Natural rubber has an important position in the market due to its applications. But synthetic rubber is used in many cases instead of natural rubber, especially when it improves the properties of the material that is needed.

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