What is carbon black

What is carbon black

What is use of carbon black

Carbon black or industrial carbon black, which is mainly used to reinforce rubber, as a black pigment and because of its electrical conductivity. It is a very fluffy fine powder with a large surface area and is composed primarily of primary carbon. Carbon black is one of the most stable chemical products, which is generally one of the most widely used nanomaterials, and its total dimensions are from tens to several hundreds of nanometers (nanometers).

Application of carbon black

The production factories of the rubber industry use carbon black to provide rubber, which accounts for 70% of rubber production
The share of black carbon worldwide is 70% in the rubber industry, 20% for other rubber products and 10% for non-rubber applications.

Another use of carbon black in non-rubber industries

Carbon black is mainly used to reinforce rubber in rubber, but it can also be used as a pigment, UV stabilizer, and conductive or insulating material in a variety of plastics, hoses, conveyor belts, inks, and automotive coatings.

What is activated carbon?

Activated carbon is an absorbent material obtained from charcoal. Therefore, it is also called activated carbon. This material is made of carbon atoms and has a very high surface-to-volume ratio. It contains small pores that increase the surface area of ​​the material and allow it to absorb as much material as it can.

The difference between black carbon and activated carbon

The key difference between carbon black and white carbon and activated carbon is that the ratio of surface area to volume of black and white carbon is lower than that of activated carbon. Both carbon black and activated carbon are important materials as adsorbents. Their surface area is large compared to their volume, which makes the material absorb as much as possible. We call them paracrystalline carbon compounds.


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