What are the special applications of SMR20?

What are the special applications of SMR20?

Special Application for Natural Rubber

Pads made of natural rubber are subjected to horizontal shear and vertical vertical pressures. For this purpose, separating plates are used to prevent height changes under variable loads. These cushions have the ability to adapt to the end movements of the bridge surface and other movements. Cushions for ordinary buildings and large buildings: To reduce noise and movement under railways are also installed. Sealants and seals


Natural rubber and features

Rubber molds Coatings: Coatings made of natural rubber are used to protect against corrosion and abrasion in chemical units and industrial equipment. Production of cables Application as a leachate: Natural rubber leachate is used to cover fabrics, in cases such as the back of a rug. Bitumen-like rubber compounds are also used to cover road surfaces. Today, a wide range of Mechanical Rubber Goods, tapes and profiles, car rubber parts, insoles, hot water bags, hose-shaped parts, vibration-transmitting bases, shock absorbers, dust collectors, sponge strips around the door, which range They have a wide range of applications, are made of natural rubber or its alloy with SBR. 

Provides very high tensile strength, high elongation, excellent process ability, good mixing with SBR and BR rubbers, resistance, very good against abrasion and tearing, provides excellent adhesion and viscosity in multi-component manufacturing processes and Clamped (such as tires, conveyor belts and other fiber-reinforced parts) and metal parts are very important which made rubber with  very good jump ability and competitive with BR and very good resistance to dynamic tensions, has provided a wide range of applications for this rubber. The relatively cheap price of this rubber and its availability and offering very desirable physical properties even when consuming a small amount of booster filters in the formulas, has made these rubbers as the most significant and widely used rubber used in the rubber industry.

Consumption of natural rubber

Natural rubber is widely used in the manufacture of tires due to its high strength with high elasticity and the ability of unbaked parts to stick to each other.

  • Production of conveyor belts
  • Production of hoses

Balloons ,Condoms and diaphragms. Rubber bands. A Shoe soles. Bandages. Latex gloves. Toys. Paint.

Natural rubber, like other elastomers, is used to make the soles and heels of shoes, work boots, sneakers and adhesives used in various parts of shoes.

Adhesives are one of the most widely used natural rubber items. In addition to latex adhesives, many adhesives are made with organic solvents. The percentage of natural rubber used varies depending on the type of adhesive.

All types of Standard Malaysian Rubber

Mechanical properties


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