What you know about bitumen and asphalt additives?

What you know about bitumen and asphalt additives?

Today, in addition to materials and components of asphalt mixtures (bitumen, stone materials and mineral fillers), bitumen and asphalt additives are also used. Bitumen and asphalt additives, which include a wide range of organic, mineral, natural and industrial materials, in order to improve physical properties, reduce defects or change some mechanical properties of bitumen and asphalt mixtures prepared with bitumen. The use of bitumen and asphalt additives in asphalt operations is increasingly developing. The first bitumen and asphalt additive was used to improve the properties of bitumen, which was used more than 100 years ago by a chemist named Kadenberg. In 1898, this chemist patented the process of preparing bitumen by adding rubber to his name, so that he could control some of the physical properties of bitumen using the elastic properties of natural rubber. To discover, produce and use bitumen and asphalt additives and suitable substitutes for bitumen and preparation of modified bitumen’s, the following technical, executive and economic needs are required: 

The above is achieved by modifying the properties of bitumen and asphalt mixtures in the following cases

Classification of additives

Today, the group of elastomers and plastics in the field of additives and bitumen modifiers have many uses and applications in asphalt operations. German Ivanic anti-stripper additive under the brand name TEGO Addibit L300 is used to ensure the moisture durability of asphalt. Vietnammer polymer from the German company Ivanik is used in combination with rubber powder. Vestaplast polymer from the German company Ivanik increases the performance range of bitumen at high and low temperatures.  PDF emulsifier has excellent performance for preparing emulsion bitumen.Emulsion bitumen concentrator (Thickner) of the German company Ivanik is widely used to improve the concentration of emulsion bitumen. Vestavox improves PG bitumen with better performance than Sasubit.


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