Is Green tire important for preventing global warming ?

Is Green tire important for preventing global warming ?

Tire one of the most important important elements in automotive industry

One of the most important industries related to the automotive industry is the industry of manufacturing all kinds of tires. Today, continuous improvement in the field of rubber production industry with new chemical compounds and design ,based on modern engineering methods, it has caused more durable, functional tire ,better to be produced and marketed in various climatic conditions Due to the extent of this industry and , Its abundant environmental effects, which are directly due to the volume of materials used to produce each. Tire ring and the amount of waste caused by worn tires in nature and indirectly .Which is due to the effect of the tire on fuel consumption and the amount of pollutants produced by the car Control of each of these dimensions can be a very important indicator in preventing any contamination .Be considered more of an environment. In this article, first an excerpt from the history of the manufacturing industry . The tire is stated Then the raw materials used in the tire manufacturing industry and various sectors . Introduction and current technologies in the field of tire production Introduction and production methods of conventional tires . The issue of green tires has been described as a new solution to reduce the consequences. Environmental The increasing use of conventional tires has been discussed The results show that the use of green tires, along with improving the properties and characteristics , final product engineering significantly reduces fuel consumption and pollutants , the environment will result from the consumption of fuel and waste from used tires.

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