U Is double sided rubber useful definition of smooth?

U Is double sided rubber useful definition of smooth?

Two-sided flat tire

NR smooth sided rubber or natural rubber is a latex liquid extracted from rubber tree (HEVEA). It has a combination of 1.4 polyisoprene with long polymer chains that are joined together and coiled together. This property causes the elasticity of crystalline molecules and therefore in terms of high mechanical properties, low compressive strength and high buoyancy, as well as excellent reversibility and dynamic properties and return to the initial state after caching NR rubber sheet has elastic properties – good expansion and compressibility – low electrical conductivity and resistance to wear and pressure in low temperature environments or dilute and concentrated acidic environments. But not recommended for use in contact areas with oils, hydrocarbons and chemicals. Used in the manufacture of shock absorber parts and sealing washers of parts with operating temperature ℃ + 70 to -30 and with a hardness of 30-85 SHORE A.

SBR sheet

This rubber is used in pure form or a combination of natural rubber to produce rubber parts and sheets. This rubber also has very weak ozone resistance and low resistance to sunlight due to having many double bonds in its polymer chain. This rubber also has little resistance to hydrocarbon solvents in oil and gasoline, but with good formulation can be rubber parts and sheets with mechanical properties similar to natural rubber, including high tear strength – high buoyancy. It produced good adhesion to fabrics and metals with low damping properties and very good resistance to dynamic fatigue as well as good water resistance.

Polybutadiene sheet

PBR sheets or polyurethane rubber are prepared from butadiene monomers 1 and 3 by solution lamination method. And in its emulsion type, the percentage of cis isomer is lower. In this non-polar rubber, due to the presence of double bonds in the main chain, it has little resistance to ozone atmospheric factors and also low resistance to the penetration of gases – flame and ignition. It is weak against oils, gasoline and hydrocarbon solvents, whether alphatic or aromatic. Heat build up under constant dynamic stresses (Heat build up) Due to the important basic application of this rubber in pure form and more in combination (alloy) with other elastomers such as NR, SBR and NBR.

Resist different things

  1. High jump ability
  2. Good wear
  3. Flexibility at low temperatures  
  4. Rupture
  5. stroke resistibility 
  6. Oxidation
  7. Flexural cracking
  8. Against weathering 
  9. Sunlight
  10. Low compressive strength
  11. Low gas permeability
  12. Shear growth
  13. Acids and bases

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