Metal glass is better or Malaysian rubber

Metal glass is better or Malaysian rubber

Metal glass is better or rubber

Are metal glasses better or rubber? This question is asked by many people with glasses or those who intend to make the first glasses. The answer to this question is that the weight of the good features of the metal frame is greater. However, it is good to know the advantages and disadvantages of rubber and metal glasses and then choose

Why frames are important

Different materials used in different types of glasses, sunglasses or decorative glasses do not have the same capabilities. This makes the frames different in thickness, weight, color, sensitivity and other specifications. Changing the frame can make your face look different. It is important to note that some people may have limited frame choices. For example, a frame with a narrow lens (lens box) may not be suitable for your camera lens. The optometrist may also consider a distance between your eye and the lens that does not work in some frames. However, you should consult an optometrist to choose the right frame.

Metal glasses are better or rubber

By examining the properties of rubber and metal glasses, we can make the right choice. Let’s look at the properties of metal frames here. First, let’s see what kind of metals are used to make spectacle frames. If you want to know if metal glasses are better or rubber, you should be familiar with the variety of metals that can be used for frames.

In appearance, metal glasses are better or rubber

Metal frames have a minimalist look and are usually thinner than rubber frames. In fact, the metal frame can be designed as a frame due to its strength feature, even though it is thin. While rubber frames can not be designed and manufactured too thin. Rubber weighs less than metals, but its frames are thicker. These frames usually stand out on the face due to both thickness and dark color. (Of course, we have put a lot of clear rubber frames in different colors on the site so you can access a wide range of rubber glasses Some people like to have glasses on their face. These people usually prefer thick and dark rubber or plastic frames. It is also possible to create a variety of colors in these frames. Many people prefer glasses to be placed on their face in a way that does not change their original face. Do you think metal glasses or rubber are better for these people? A feature of metal glasses is that they can have no margin around the glass. That is, the glasses are attached to only two metal handles of the glasses. Other materials, such as rubber and plastic, do not have the ability to hold frameless glass. So metal glasses are the best option for people with glasses who like to look without glasses.  Add to this the fact that today metal frames are also unique in terms of color variety. A wide range of compounds can be applied to metal frames with which the colors created are blossoming.

The frame is suitable for people with allergies

Usually for people who are allergic to certain materials, especially metal, the question is, are metal glasses better or rubber? Perhaps from the personal experience of some people, metal glasses cause allergies. For this reason, these people are more inclined to non-metallic glasses such as rubber. If you do not have problems with other defects of rubber glasses, you can trust it as a frame without allergies. Of course, know that the problem of allergies to metal glasses can be solved. The cause of allergies in these frames is the presence of nickel, which is not very compatible with the skin. For this reason, frames made of pure titanium can be used. We recommend that people with allergies do not use Monel frames. Of course, if you use those palladium-plated monel frames, the problem of allergies will also be solved. They use an attractive appearance, suffer from severe skin allergies and have to pay hundreds of times the price of a quality frame to repair their skin)

Is metal glasses better in terms of durability or rubber?

For many people, the durability of the frame is important. Again, it is the metal glasses that win this field. Despite their thick and strong appearance, rubber goggles are weaker than metal goggles. Rubber frames can only be repaired if they are defective in the handle section. Metal frames are generally more flexible and can be repaired more than rubber frames. Metal glasses will work for you for a lifetime, especially if they are made of first-class materials. Rubber and plastic frames deform after a while. They also become brittle over time due to skin perspiration and alcohol. The metal frame settings will not change any time soon and you will need to consult an expert less. So the answer to the question of whether metal glasses are better durable or rubber is definitely the first case. Another noteworthy point is that only metal frames have a nose pad. Their two small pads can be customized on the nose. While rubber frames are one piece and inflexible and do not have an adjustable part on the nose.


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